Pre-Production Observability
for Developers


Find and fix runtime security, compliance, and behavior risks in custom and 3rd party code within the DevOps pipeline.

Be Runtime Ready™

DeepFactor’s Deep Passive Observability™ technology and Application Runtime Intelligence™ Engine
quickly and seamlessly delivers developers full runtime visibility so they can:


Know your
app behavior

Get a bird’s eye view of everything your app touches prior to production release

a. Topology/Composition
b. Drift between releases

Know your
security & compliance

Is your app susceptible to security exploits because it has known vulnerabilities or exhibits vulnerable/bad behavior?

a. OWASP Top 10
b. Runtime dependencies
c. Indicators of mis-behavior
d. Behavior Guardrails

Know your

Understand application performance and API response times and optimize before production users are affected

a. CPU/Memory Performance
b. API response times
c. Guardrails & Thresholds

DeepFactor completes the continuous monitoring loop

Visit our live Sandbox

Visit our live Sandbox. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Check out the DeepFactor playground demo environment, right here, right now!

What our customers are saying

6 easy steps to runtime ready releases

1. Enable DeepFactor for your containers or apps

2. DeepFactor monitors app while it runs in test or staging

3. Runtime Intelligence Engine analyzes and determines insights

4. View alerts and find problems

5. Fix problems

6. Ship ‘runtime ready’ releases

Free Community Edition for teams of 10 or less