Breaking News from SD Times: Companies to Watch in 2021!

SD Times Companies to Watch 2021

SD Times names DeepFactor one of the “Companies to Watch in 2021”, thus affirming Pre-Production Observability for Developers and DevOps teams is the next frontier in software development. SD Times just published their list of Companies to Watch in 2021 and we’re highlighted! As you’ll read in the article, “Identifying which [startups] will ultimately succeed […]

Observability versus Monitoring: Which is Better for DevOps?

Observability vs Monitoring

Observing or monitoring a software application can be used to gather security, performance, compliance or other behavioral insights. Both observability and monitoring techniques are useful platforms and picking one or more tools depends on your use cases.

From DevOps to DevSecOps In 4 Simple Steps

Continuous Integration lets you build fast. Continuous Testing lets you test fast. Continuous Delivery lets you deploy fast. Great engineering organizations don’t just move fast….they move fast with confidence!  DeepFactor helps your team go fast with confidence! DeepFactor is the continuous pre-production monitoring platform for developers. It combines security, performance and behavior monitoring into one simple solution, seamlessly integrated into the DevOps […]

The DeepFactor Journey (so far!)

We are super thrilled to launch DeepFactor out of stealth today! For the entrepreneur in me, it has been a fascinating journey of discovery….going from a product whose architecture was drawn on a paper napkin at Starbucks to a well-funded, well-positioned tech startup with a solid v1 GA product, with an A+ founding team, super […]

Hello World!

Do you remember the overwhelming sensation of writing your first line of code? Well, we do! And that’s exactly how excited we are today to announce DeepFactor, the first Continuous Pre-Production Monitoring™ platform for developers! DeepFactor delivers security, performance, and behavior insights that developer teams need to ensure Runtime Ready™ releases. These insights form three […]